This Is What the Future Looks Like

Given the current political stage, thinking about the future can be daunting. Thankfully, illustrator Miguel Angel Camprubi asked children to draw what the future will look like, and it's a lot more uplifting than anything we would have drawn.

Titled The San Francisco Children's Project, Miguel interviewed a group of children to get their take on what the future looks like. Refreshingly enough, there's no sign of Trump or the Kardashians, so we had no problem sharing the project (in fact, we love it).

From there, Miguel used his own illustration savvy to bring the children's vision to life through a series of short .gifs. For this, we give Miguel the Collaboration of the Year award for his creativity, unique subject matter and the reassuring attitude that the entire world hasn't yet gone to shit.

Miguel is a Spanish-born artist currently living the dream in wonderful Amsterdam. Follow him on Instagram to check out his most recent work, or visit his website to catch a glimpse of his full portfolio. He's one of our favs!