Top 5 Animation Shorts From Pause Fest

  Tiny Man by Dirty Puppet

Tiny Man by Dirty Puppet

Pause Fest challenges top creative studios and individuals to produce a short video that correlates to an annual theme - trust us, these are worth watching.

Pause is Australia's premier creative, tech and business event, bringing together industry giants like Pixar, Lucasfilm, Hyperloop, NASA, Girls in Tech and others to talk about present breakthroughs and future innovations.

Each year, the company invites a select group of creatives to participate in the Motion Response challenge, which challenges creators to produce an animated short that correlates to the festival theme.

The following are our top five favorite videos from the 2017 / 2016 seasons - enjoy!


1. Overrated Reality by Sociedad Fantasma

2. Eve by Seth Molson

3. Tiny Man by Dirty Puppet

4. Evolution by Pixel

5. Back in 5 by Mass