"Suits" - A Photo Series by Ben Zank

 Ben Zank

Ben Zank

{Insert ridiculously grandiose introspective artist statement here}

Ben Zank is not a flashy photographer. His work doesn't necessarily jump off the page, but instead, it's the kind of work that beckons a double-take before being pulled in by the gravity within each photograph.

This series, titled "Suits," layers linear lines, bold composition and a sense of space to evoke a complexity and deepness that draws the viewer in to wonder, "What does it all mean?"

The more we look at his work, the more we long for some sort of ridiculously grandiose introspective artist statement to explain it - like, "the juxtaposition between the modern man's dissatisfaction with American society and the eminent acceptance to settle for normality."

But no. Zank leaves the meaning of his work open to interpretation, so it's on all of us to draw our own conclusions.

In any case, we dig his work and look forward to seeing more from the talented photographer. Check out more of his recent work and follow him on Instagram here.