Top 10 Creative GIFs from Nicola Gastaldi

 Nicola Gastaldi

Nicola Gastaldi

Get a repetitive dose of inspiration with our 10 favorite gif's from Nicola Gastaldi's Gastaloops series.

The London-based artist is a big fan of side projects, this one being one where he created one gif every day for 100 days. It may not seem like a difficult feet for many motion graphic artists, but these aren't your typical tween's.

Each one was created using three colors (R255 B255 G230, R255 B100 G100 and black to be specific) at 50 frames each. It's quite impressive what he was able to ideate and throw together for this series, which is no wonder why he's an award-winning artist who's been featured in magazines and blogs around the world.

He's the current Lead 3D Artist at Jam Films, and formerly worked at the visual effects and post production company, Smoke & Mirrors.

See more of his side project hustle on his website here.

Images via Nicola Gastaldi