Words of Wisdom From a Nomadic Illustrator

 Mágoz & Jose Lorensso

Mágoz & Jose Lorensso

Let the Barcelona-born illustrator and blogger, Mágoz, give you tips on illustration and beyond.

His blog, which has recently been given a face-lift, is filled with creative tid-bits and advice on everything from the creative process to the best music to listen to for producing great work. It's worth checking out whenever you're in need of some creative inspiration.

Mágoz's illustration work communicates only as much as is necessary to deliver an effective message - it's minimalistic, simple and clever. He's an award-winning illustrator who's worked with some of the greats: The New York Times, Wired Magazine, Adweek, The Wallstreet Journal and others. We're sure there's much more to come from this creative guru in years to come. Also be sure to check out work by his pal and long-time collaborator, Jose Lorensso.

Visit the Mágoz website here, and be sure to check out his latest work on Instagram below: