The Process: Kip Omolade

His work combines several mediums to create his signature portrait series. Get a glimpse into his process and learn more about the talented Kip Omolade.

The process begins with making a mold of a model's face - that means sitting in a chair for an hour or more while your face gets covered in goo (patience required, claustrophobia need not apply).

Once the mold has hardened, it's sculpted with intricate detail and smoothed over. From there, a reproduction is made with clear resin before adding a crisp chrome layer - and a set of fake eyelashes.

The final step is creating a photorealistic oil painting of the chromed-dome, which are sometimes done at massive proportions (74 x 96 in).

omolade was born in Harlem, NY and began his career as a graffiti artist. After earning a BFA from The Art Students League of New York, he began creating his Diovadiova Chrome portraits which he's become so well-known for.

See below for a peep into the full process and final product. Visit Omolade's website here. and follow his latest work on Instagram here.

Photos via Kip Omolade