Color Portrait Series by Karen Jerzyk

The self-taught photographer channels her experiences with bullying and negativity to create a portrait series that says 'F*uck you' to all the haters out there.

In August of 2014, the Boston-based photographer was arrested while revamping an abandoned, run down location for a photoshoot. She was charged for trespassing, and the creative community got wind of the incident. Just like any artist who gets a shred of spotlight in the industry, the trolls came out to comment and call her out for being a hack.

Luckily, those comments only fueled the fire for Jerzyk. She became evermore motivated to prove the haters wrong and soon after, she started working on this color series in her basement.

Today, she describes those events as "the best things that ever happened to me." She's been published by major media outlets such as Juxtapoze, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan and many others.

She's continued to produce great work over the years, and she stands as an inspiration for all of us who have ever been thrown shade for doing what they love.

Learn more about the artist here, and see her latest work on Instagram here.