Featured Illustrations by A Subtle Genius


Award-winning artist Christoph Niemann enthralls viewers with thoughtful design and imagination.

Based out of New York City and Berlin, his work can be admired through the lense of many cultures, languages and points of view. The hook within his illustrations lies in an underlying mastery of expressing an idea without spelling it out.

Many of his comic-style illustrations remind us of classic mid-century newspaper comics. It's no wonder why his work so often adorns the pages of The New Yorker, WIRED, The New York Times and others.

The intricacies of his work are most realized through its ingenuity - its subtle wit, humor, and charm. There's almost always an understated, thoughtful and deliberate point or idea expressed in each of his pieces. As a published artist, author and award winner, Niemann is quite arguably one of the great contemporary artists of our time.

See more of his work on his website, and see his latest creations on Instagram.


Tip: Watch the first episode of 'Abstract' available on NETFLIX to get a glimpse into Niemann's process.