More Than Meets the Eye: Alexa Meade

 via Alexa Meade

via Alexa Meade

That's not a painting - it's a real person. The Washington D.C. native ditched the canvas and is turning her subjects into walking works of art.

Her work was inspired by a college course assignment: "Make a sculpture of a landscape that is not a sculpture of a landscape."

She took the opportunity to think outside the box and paint between the lines - meaning she actually went outside and painted the shadows and lines she saw outside.

This experiment sparked her interest, and before long she decided to forego her original plan of a career in politics and began perfecting her technique. She's been painting over the shadows and filling in the spaces between imagination and reality ever since.

Today, Alexa has cultivated an impressive body of work that extends beyond paint and photography. Her unique medium has attracted some big-name brands, allowing her to collaborate with Sony, Porsche, Instagram and Mini Cooper.

Her story is one that reminds all of us to never settle, do what you love and to be true to your passions. Check out her story below in her first Ted Talk, and see more of her latest work on her website and on Instagram.