Ode To An Award Winning Music Video & Director

The video for Karl X Johan - Flames is a tantalizing, enthralling experience that evokes passionate feels every time you watch it.

The mastermind behind the 2012 production is Stockholm based director / editor Gustav Johansson. His work has a way of inspiring the viewer, whether if it's a personal project like his Everyday film, or a branded short like his Mercedes commercial featuring ASAP Rocky.

Pay close attention to the tiny details and the drawn-out tempo in each of his videos; it's enough to make a lasting impression on your everyday.

Video creds for Karl X Johan - Flames:
DP: Niklas Johansson
Prod. comp: Camp David FilmProducer: Erik Torell
1st assistant director: Niclas Larsson
Prod. Manager: Nathalie Cohen
Makeup: Madeleine Gaterud / Magnolia
Stylist: Meghan Scott

GRAMMIS 2012 - Video of the year
UKMVA - Nominated Best International Pop Video
Young Directors Awards - 2nd Prize Music Video