Top 10 Best Unsatisfying Moments

We ranked the top 10 most unsatisfying moments of everyday life as illustrated via our friends over at Unsatisfying.TV.

Back in 2016, the motion design studio Parallel directed a video about unsatisfying situations. Eventually they ran an animation challenge around the concept inviting other artist to submit their animated shorts.

Here's the best of em:

1. The Unsatisfying Split by Nicolas Roth

2. The Tap by Geoffroy de Crécy

3. The Shirt by Jonathan

4. The Paper Pain by Leo Romanski

5. The Jump by Chloë Dalby

6. The Photo by Clement Picon

7. The Tip by Jakob Axén Johansson

8. The Life by Arnaud Belligoi

9. The Vice by Diana Creativa

10. The Volume by Dale Hyder

Honorable mention: The Bomb by Tom Matuszewski for Bliink (watch it on Unsatisfying.TV).