1990 Comic Predicts Trump's Rise to Power

"The Wall," by comic artist Peter Kuper, first published in 1990, oddly reflects our current times.

Many of us didn't expect to actually see a Trump presidency come to fruition, but somehow Peter Kuper managed to pretty accurately lay out how it would happen - back in 1990.

The 12-page comic, published in Heavy Metal, sets a scene where the haves and the have-nots are pitted against each other in a sprawling city. Before long, tensions rise between the two groups and a wall is constructed to keep the have-nots at bay.

As the story goes, somehow Trump ends up on the wrong side of the wall - and schemes to regain power. Eventually, he partners with Mike Tyson and the rest of the have-nots to start a revolution and regain power.

The comic ends with Trump in power, and a massive wall left as a constant reminder of his struggle to power. In one of the closing scenes, a Trump supporter spray paints a lasting quote on The Wall: "Dump Trump."

via Heavy Metal Magazine